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Self Realization... How many Self Realized

Who is a self realized person? How do we know one has realized self! In a world full of unethical and immoral practices... claiming self to be realized has become order of day! There are many in world who declared themselves self realized. What is the measure of self realization; God realization... termed enlightenment in English! Read more - Self Realisation

Steps To Celibacy... Teaching Sexual Abstinence

Sexual abstinence and celibacy is not a precept that could be taught time and again! Sexual abstinence... practice of absolute celibacy is inherent trait of character that needs practising by individual self! Sexual abstinence and practice of absolute celibacy was necessitated for traveler of spiritual path... never an ordinary mortal... a commoner! Read more - Steps to Celibacy


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  • Self Realisation
    Gaining self realization is not that easy as many followers of self realisation fellowship believed! Reaching stage of self realization involved establishing absolute control over five senses and mind.
  • Steps to Celibacy
    For a serious seeker of spirituality... practising sexual abstinence celibacy was necessitated all the time! Most human beings whiled away this potent cosmic energy through pure physical channels... others in search of success transmuted it towards the only goal of life!